We understand that large enterprises encounter numerous barriers when launching new initiatives. EBM has been tailor-made to assist you in overcoming these barriers and creating a suite of conversational interfaces that provide real business value. EBM is designed to be supported by your internal IT teams and can be made compliant with your data governance and protection guidelines. It has already been deployed in-house at major banks and pharmaceutical companies.


Build, train and manage all of your chatbots in a central hub

Enterprise Ready

Built to scale with high-level security on premise or in the cloud

Multi-Bot Solution

Create numerous chatbot solutions for different brands or use cases that all share learnings

EBM has been built with features to help you adhere to strict data and IT governance policies

Leverage Content

Manage content, tweak responses and retrain bot on new phrases. Easily flag keywords or phrases and set specific actions when they are used.

Work Collaboratively

Range of user permissions and workflows to manage multiple teams collaborating on creating and improving chatbots.

Advanced Analytics

Pinpoint and track high impact content areas to drive business objectives and user satisfaction.

Message Flagging

Flag messages based on specific input words - such as adverse event reporting in healthcare scenarios.

Human Handover

Seamlessly handover to a live agent. EBM can connect with a variety of providers.

PII Masking

To help protect their sensitive data, EBM uses secure PCI/PII masking.

Auditing & Logging

Comply with e-discovery and IS policies through full server and application logging.


EBM's API-first approach means that it's easy to integrate with front end channels and back end platforms to control the end-to-end customer chatbot journey.

Enterprise Ready

Deployed with Kubernetes, we allow clients to maintain ownership of IP and data, and control what data is sent to cloud or third-party NLUs.

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